Special Encounter    By ParaGirl


     HI, my name is Sarah.  Well, don't just stand there, come

in.  That's right, take a good look at me.  I'm only 24 after

all, still young and healthy.  Here I am, my long, full, red

hair.  Pale skin like a china doll.  I'm wearing a white silky

top from Victoria Secret, my favorite shopping place.  It's

see-thru of course, so you can see my large, firm breasts.  I

hate wearing a bra, anyway.  My firm chest and tight stomach

give way to silk and lace panties that really leave nothing to

your imagination, and I can tell you're excited already, but

just wait for what I have in store for you.


     Sit there and get comfortable.  I see you staring at my

legs.  That's whay you're here, after all, my poor, crippled

legs.  You're staring at them now, they're thin and limp, but

sexy all the same.  They're bare right now, as I sit in my

wheelchair, but that's one of my first suprizes tonight.  There,

on the table, in the bag, take them out.  That's right, they're

the sheer silk stockings you love on me so much.  Why aren't

they on me?  Because I was waiting for you, silly.  My legs are

paralyzed and I need help to put the stockings on.  I'll wheel

over to you so you can help me.


     There, lift my leg up to you so you can get the stocking

on.  Feel how soft and limp my leg is.  OK, slide the stocking

up my crippled leg.  Higher, don't be shy.  Now smooth it out,

so it looks just right on my helpless leg.  Now lower my leg

back down into the footrest.    Slowly, don't just drop it, yes,

like that is perfect.  Now for my other leg.  Lift it gently.

Slide the stocking on, all the way up, that's nice.  Don't you

like the way my legs look in the stockings?  Now put that leg

back down with it's twin.  Good, just right.  No, sit right

there, this is your night, and I have much more in store for

you.  You'll love this.


     I'll wheel myself into the middle of the room here, so you

can see all of me.  First, I know you like it when I do this,

so- I take my left leg in both hands, grabbing it by the calf

and just behind the knee.  I lift it slowly, seductively up over

my right leg, crossing them.  I see you look as my left foot

hangs, dangles there helpless.  I know how much you like it that

I'm paralyzed, it's so fun to tease you with my crippled legs.

See me rock my chair back and forth, my foot and leg kind of

jiggle lifelessly.  You like that, don't you?  I'll wheel around

the room for you, playing little crippled girl for you, sitting

in my wheelchair like this, paralyzed legs crossed demurely,



     Ah, the couch.  I'll park my wheelchair here, lock the

brake.  I lift myself out of the chair and slide my bottom over

onto the couch   Next, I'll lift my leg onto the couch.  I hold

it, again by the calf and just behind the knee, and lift gently.

 I see your eyes as my foot just flops and hangs there.  I lay

my leg on the couch, so now my legs are spread, because I really

can't help it, it's just the way I have to do things sometimes

as a cripple.  I see you stare as I lift my other leg, this time

by hooking it with one arm behind the knee and steadying myself

with my other.  It's so easy to lose balance when you can't feel

you're lower body.  I pull my leg up to rest it by it's sister,

so they both lay there on the couch, limp, my toes pointing

straight because I've no muscle control at all.  It's strange

somtimes, if I don't look down, I don't even know my legs are

there.  Now here I lay, on the couch, stockings, little panties,

see-thru shirt.  I can see you start to get up, ready to come

over and take your crippled little mistress, but I wave you

back.  I'm not done yet, not by a longshot. 


     I tell you to take off all your clothes but your boxers. I

love to see a man in boxers, really.  You of course hurriedly

comply, not knowing what to expect next.  I tell you to sit back

down and not to move.  I lift myself up onto my arms again and

transfer back into my wheelchair.  I lift my legs and this time

I don't put them back into the footrests.  Actually, I've

removed the footrests from my chair, and my poor legs just

dangle there, toes brushing the carpet as I wheel myself over to

where you sit.  You love the look of my legs dragging like that,

don't you, they look so crippled for you, so helpless.  I wheel

myself up in front of you, my legs dragging under the chair.  I

can see how hard you are for me in those boxers.  Lift my legs

up and put them by your sides.  Yes, like that, right by your

sides.  Now don't touch, whatever you do.  Look, but don't

touch.  I start to rub my legs in front of you.  I can't feel

them, of course, but I make a show of it anyway.  I start to rub

your legs and feel you quiver a little. I love to make you

crazy, don't I?  You stare at me, this beautiful handicapped

girl practically in your lap, looking at my legs, my thighs, but

you don't dare touch, because you want to see what's to come!


     I slide my hands up to your crotch, feeling you under those

thin boxers.  In a motion I tear those from you, so you sit

there before me naked, your organ hard and big.  I take it in my

hands and begin to pump it, hearing you moan.  I pump it and

tease it until you start to squirm under me, then I do something

totally unexpected.  because I'm paralyzed, my lower body is

very flexible, and I double over at the waist to start kissing

your cock, at the same time almost kissing my crippled feet.  I

kiss it and lick you and then swallow you, getting almost your

whole cock into my mouth.  You see me in my wheelchair,

stockinged, crippled legs in your chair, my red hair cascading

over your lap as I suck your cock.  I suck it and suck it, my

head going up and down and side to side in your lap as you try

so hard not to cum, but it isn't going to work.  Since I'm not

very good in bed the traditional way,  I have learned ways to

adapt and overcome, or cum, whatever the case may be.  I start

to kiss and lick your cock again, and as you watch, I lift my

head and take one of my feet in my hand, rubbing it on your

balls and on your cock.  I go down on you again, still rubbing

your balls with my paralyzed foot, when you practically jerk out

of the chair, coming like a volcano.  I keep sucking your cock

and swallow your hot load as you cum and cum.  you finally

finish and I back my wheelchair away, letting my feet drop heavy

to the floor.


     I wheel back across the room, giving you a few minutes to

recover before I start again, but as soon as I do you know I

saved the best for last, something very rare, which you almost

never get to see.  I strip off my shirt, so you can get a good

look at my beautiful breasts, but you aren't interested in them,

because you still stare at my poor, crippled legs.  My feet

turned in, one at an odd angle because of how I was dragging it

in the chair.  As you watch, I lock the chair and drop out of

it, onto the floor.  You watch amazed and turned on as I drag

myself across the floor without my wheelchair, my thin,

nylon-clad legs just dragging behind me as I crawl to you.  I

stare up at you the whole time, with my helpless eyes.  Inch by

inch I make my way to you, and I can see you're hard as a rock

again.  My how you like you're crippled lover.  I crawl, at

times looking back at my poor legs as I drag them, until I make

it to your chair.  With arms strong from years of bieng confined

to a wheelchair, I pull myself up into your lap, pulling my legs

up behind me, until I'm sitting on your lap like you were santa.

 As I kiss you, you feel my hand stroking your cock again, and

you can't take it anymore.  You get up and toss me to the floor.

 As I lay on my back, you lift my legs for me so I can hold them

spread apart, so you can enter me easier.  You penetrate me and

I'm filled with excitement and raw lust, not because of the act,

because of course I can't feel a thing, but because I can watch

you, driving youself into me over and over, and I don't feel a

thing, which is erotic for me in it's own way.  You begin to

lick my sensative breasts as you fuck me, and I start to moan

and go crazy, it feels so good bieng licked and fucked by you.

I feel almost like a whole girl again, only better.  I let go of

one of my legs and hear it thump to the floor.  With my free

hand I grab your cock as it fucks me, to make it feel better,

tighter.  Because I'm so crippled, my pussy doesn't even work

right, I can't make it feel good for you without a little help,

and as soon as I grab hold of your slick cock I hear you moan

again as you cum.  After a few moments of recovery you roll off,

exhausted by such a bout of extacy.  I roll towards you and ask

you in my most helpless little voice, "Could you please help me

back into my wheelchair, I can't do it on my own."  You moan

again lustily and lift me gently, carefully into my wheelchair.

I'm now wearing only the stockings, which are now soiled and

wrinkled.  My red hair is a mess and I'm flushed all over.  I

lift my left leg again with my hands, crossing my legs and

wheeling myself into the kitchen. 


     I'm barely finished my drink when I hear you call to me.  I

wheel myself back into the room to find you sitting in the chair

again.  Incredibly, you're hard again!  And I thiought I was

ging to have to wait an hour or so to start playing again!  I

wheel over to you, and before I even have my wheelchair parked

you lift my left leg from over my right and put it in your lap.

You do the same with my right leg, so both of my feet are in

your lap.  You then smile at me and begin to rub Your cock with

my feet!  I can't feel any of it, but the way you caress my

feet, the way they just move limply in your hands, around your

cock, up and down, back and forth.  Your eyes are closed and you

keep telling me how sofy my feet are, how limp and lifeless my

poor crippled legs are, how much you love them like that.  I

watch you, playing with my own nipples I'm so excited, until

again you moan and gasp and I see the stream of milky cum squirt

all over my paralyzed feet and legs.  Again I back my wheelchair

away and wheel acroos the room.  I ask if you'd like to take my

stockings off and clean my feet, but you just sit there slumped

in the chair, looking very exhausted, and murmer something about

twenty or thirty minutes, and to wait for you, because you'd

love to help.  I just giggle and sit in my wheelchair, knowing

that it probably wouldn't even take that long, and that it would

be alot of fun in the tub, wouldn't it.  I wheel myself into the

bathroom and start to run the water.