Be Careful What You Wish For†††††††††††††††† By ParaGirl†††

†††† Ever since Tammy was a little girl, she was different.While other

girls were dressing their dolls up, Tammy was making them little

crutches and braces, or making little wheelchairs.She had always

been fascinated by disabled people.She had worn dark glasses and

pretended to be blind, she had put earplugs in for a week and acted

deaf, and her favorite pastime was to wrap her foot, or feet, in

bandages and hobble around.She used to watch the Jerry Lewis

Telethon to see the handicapped kids mugging for the camera, and she

had even stolen an ĎEaster Sealsí donation box display, not for the

money, but for the picture of the little girl in her pink dress, on

crutches and with braces on her legs.

†††For so long, Tammy had wanted to be disabled in some way, but as

she matured she was leaning more towards a leg disability.She would

walk around on crutches for hours in her parentís basement.She

would bandage her leg up to look like an amputee, wearing baggy

pants to hide the unwieldy Ďstumpí.All through high school,

Tammy led the normal life of a High School student, but kept her

fantasies of being disabled hidden from everyone.In private, she

would imagine herself in many ways; Amputee, paraplegic, polio.

She could see herself on crutches, swinging along gracefully, or in a

wheelchair, pushing her broken body along merrily, so brave for

having overcome such obstacles in her short life.

†††† The first step happened completely by accident.Tammy had

simply fallen and broken her foot, a common occurrence for millions

of teenagers.The leg was casted and for the first week Tammy was in

heaven, actually being, albeit temporarily, disabled.The pain in her

foot grew worse, though, and but the tenth day she was rushed back to

the hospital.Her foot had become infected under the cast, and had to

be amputated that day, just above the ankle.

†††† Tammy was thrilled at her good fortune.Her stump was the most

beautiful thing she had ever seen, round and smooth.She was offered

a prosthetic leg, but said she didnít want it, at least not yet.She had a

custom pair of forearm crutches she used everywhere, and dressed to

accentuate her new disability.At school, as she imagined, she was

extremely popular.She didnít mind the stares her stump got, she

loved the attention.She was invited to parties and even dances, and

loved every minute of it.As time went by, though, her popularity

dwindled, until finally...

††† She saw Jama the first day of school the next year.Tammy was a

junior this year, and Jama was an incoming freshman.She was petite,

a cute, wholesome blonde, and she was in a wheelchair, paralyzed

from the waist down as Tammy would later learn.Until now, Tammy

was the only disabled person in the whole school, but now Jama was

here, and it seemed by the crowd around her wheelchair that Tammy

had been replaced as the center of attention. She looked down at her

stump, which she had dressed in a black and white striped stocking for

the first day of school, and started thinking of a wheelchair of her own.

If she lost her other foot, for instance, she would be in a wheelchair,

too.Plans were forming in her mind, and the more people paid

attention to little Jama and ignored Tammy, the more real her ideas


†††† It was a simple plan, really.Her foot conveniently in the way of

her fatherís truck, the parking brake off, when it rolls down the slight

slope of the driveway.It was a large truck, and her foot was very

small, it should do the job easily, all she had to do was close her eyes


†††† Tammy opened her eyes in the hospital and knew something hadnít

gone as planned.By the look of her legs under the sheets, and the

pain she was feeling even through the painkillers, it looked as if both

her legs had gotten hit.She later learned that the truck turned slightly

as it rolled back, so that it rolled right across her knees.The doctors

tried to save her legs, but the damage was too extensive.She lost both

her legs about three inches above her knees, but the good news was

that the stumps would be long enough, and with work strong enough,

for Tammy to use prosthetic legs.She again said no, for now a

wheelchair would suffice.

†† ††The recovery took several months, due to the extensive damage to

her legs, and when she returned to school it was to a heroís welcome.

She even became very close friends with Jama, and one could often see

them racing wheelchairs and having wheelie contests, which Tammy

was usually the winner of, due to her lack of legs and therefore weight.

Tammy was happy and very popular all through her junior and senior

years, and was even asked to her Senior prom by Billy Myers, one of

the most good-looking boys in school!Many girls said they would

give their right arm for a date with Billy, but all Tammy had to give

was both legs.In her opinion, not too much of a price to pay.

†††† Billy showed up at her house on the night of the prom with the

most beautiful corsage Tammy had ever seen.Tammy wheeled into

the living room to meet him wearing a peach dress specially modified

for her, so that the full ruffles and lace cascaded over her stumps and

over the edge of her wheelchair, which she had decorated with

matching ribbons.Billy was obviously impressed, and he actually

blushed as she wheeled into the room.When they arrived at the prom,

Tammy allowed Billy to push her into the ballroom, and what an

entrance they made!Just about everyone stopped to watch them enter,

and all Tammyís friends came up and told her how pretty she looked

and how nice her dress looked on her.She was showered in attention

the entire night.Tammy and Billy even danced to a few fast songs,

Tammy quite adept at maneuvering her wheelchair by now, and for

the big final slow dance of the evening, Billy asked Tammy to dance

without her wheelchair.She was apprehensive, but Billy lifted her

gently and she held on to his neck as he held her up by the waist.The

floor cleared as they danced together, and Tammy could see some of

the girls in the crowned were actually crying.It was the most

incredible moment of her life, and she knew it would have never

happened if she wasnít handicapped.She had though many times

about the day she lost her legs, how maybe it was a very terrible thing

she had done, but now she knew how wonderful it was that she was an


†††† Tammy and Billy left the dance and drove not to Tammyís home,

but to a secluded spot that was used for Ďmaking outí.Tammy was

very excited Billy had taken her here, because she really hadnít

thought he saw her as desirable.She had thought he asked her to the

prom because she was popular and it would look really cool and

sensitive for him to bring the handicapped girl to the prom, an idea

that really didnít bother her, considering how handsome he was.He

was shy and tentative, something she didnít expect, and she actually

kissed him first!He kissed her back, and they began fumbling around

in the front seat of Billyís car, because her wheelchair was in the back

seat.He slid the top of her dress down, slipping her bra off to get to

her breasts.Tammy was still a virgin, but she was pretty sure Billy

wasnít.She kissed him and felt his warm hands on her breasts, and

she was all butterflies.Suddenly she felt his hand touching one of her

stumps, and she froze.Noone outside her family had really even seen

her stumps, she didnít really show them off like she had her first leg

stump.She usually wore modified pants or long skirts when she was

out or at school.Billy looked at her longingly and she couldnít even

breathe as he slowly lifted her dress and rubbed her thigh.It was

incredible how turned on he was, and she knew if Billy wanted her

tonight she was all his.She scooted over closer to him, so he knew

she was interested.He rubbed her thigh a little more, and she felt him

run his fingers over the sensitive end of her stump.She was quivering

when he slipped her dress off completely, so she was sitting there in

only her white panties.She removed his shirt and they held each other

close, skin on skin, his chest hot and rubbing against her hard nipples.

She touched his crotch and he moaned slightly, looking into her eyes

as she felt his hand inside her panties.

†††† Most women have problems with making love in a car, but

Tammyís condition was very convenient.Billy helped her onto his

lap, and they made love, her staring into his eyes, him rubbing her

stumps as she moved slowly up and down on him.She came twice,

and he came once, and they stayed together, him inside her, for a

while longer, just hugging one another. It was finally time to go home,

past time really, and Billy helped her back into her clothes, copping a

last feel of both her stumps and her breasts as he did so.Tammy knew

as she looked at herself in the mirror that if her parents were waiting

up for her, they would know immediately.About halfway home, while

Tammy was daydreamingin the afterglow of her first sexual

experience, the world changed again.

†††† Tammy awoke in the hospital again, confused and groggy.It had

been a little more than a year since she was here last, and she wasnít

sure whathad brought her here this time.She was told it was three

days after her prom, and Billy had fallen asleep at the wheel and had

crashed.He had broken his arm, but her injuries were more serious.

†††† Tammy had been thrown from the car and had broken her back,

paralyzing her from her chest down.She had also received serious

injury to her arms and had lost both, one halfway between wrist and

elbow, the otherseveral inches above the elbow.She lied in bed, a

quadruple amputee, paralyzed from her chest down, and remembered

all the times she had wished to be handicapped.She couldnít imagine

being any more handicapped than she was now, she felt helpless and

afraid, but underneath it all she was excited, too.She pictured herself

with prosthetic arms, probably an electric wheelchair, but even as

awful as that seemed, she looked forward to it.She was looking

forward to her rehab, to learning to use hooks for hands.She was still

pretty, her long red hair and pretty face not hurt at all, and Billy would

still like her, she hoped.She spent many weeksin the hospital, her

arms healing well, all her injuries knitting and healing.Billy only

visited her once. He couldnít bear to look at her, because he felt

responsible for her condition, but she forgave him.She needed the

nursesí help for everything, she couldnít even sit up because of the

paralysis.Her feeling stopped just below her breasts, and the doctor

said it was lucky the break hadnít occurred any higher, or she might

have been a quadriplegic.She asked what the difference was, since

she had no arms anyway, and he replied in a very upbeat way that with

prosthetics she could easily lead a full life and care for herself, because

she still had use of the arms she had left.This made Tammy happy

and excited to try out prosthetics.

†††† Tammy was finally fitted with preliminary artificial arms.Both

had hooks for hands, and fit via a harness that someone had to put on

for her.Her left arm, the one that still had the elbow, was easier to

use, all she had to do was flex her elbow and the hook opened and

closed using cables and an elastic.Her right arm was harder to

master, and her shoulder was often sore after a little while practicing

with it.Moving her stump forward, the arm would move out and the

hook would open, but it took more effort than the left arm.She was in

therapy for months, and slowly was able to do more by herself.As she

thought, she was given an electric wheelchair.She still had to have

someone help her into her prosthetics, but she could transfer, although

clumsily, into her wheelchair.She had to fasten a wide Velcro belt

around her stomach to keep from slouching or falling out of the chair,

because of her paralysis, but she could control the chair fine with the

joystick, slightly modified so she could use her hooks to work it.She

could feed herself, get dressed, and do most household tasks without

help.Her therapists helped her to exercise her upper body so she

could become more independent.

†††† Tammyís next big surprise was new arms.After a few months

learning on the preliminary arms, now that her stumps were stronger

and more stable, she was fitted for a new pair of prosthetics.The left

was still a hook, although a better one than before, but her right arm

was a myoelectic arm with a real-looking hand on it!It took her

several more weeks to get comfortable with the electric arm, but it was

easier to use than the hook.The hand actually opened and closed with

small electric motors, depending on how she used her stump, and

could do more delicate things than the metal hooks could.For a big

test, she took a pair of nylons she had her mother buy.She sat in bed,

naked except for her arms and a pair of panties.She used her hook to

pick one nylon up from the nightstand.She held it in her hook, and

used the electric arm to grasp the other side of the opening.She

stretched the nylon open some and placed it around her leg stump.It

took her a couple of tries to get it on, because she couldnít feel or

move her leg stump, and it was hard to control the thin material with

her prosthetics, but she slid the stocking up her thigh halfway.She

worked on getting the other one on, and tore it a little with her hook,

but finally sat there triumphantly, her leg stumps covered in the soft

nylon.They werenít as high up on her legs as they should be, and

because her legs were amputated, the ends of the stockings sat unfilled

hanging from the rounded ends of her crippled stumps, but it was a

start, at least.

†††† Tammy was twenty when she moved out of her parents house and

into her own, specially modified apartment.She had a personal care

assistant, an attractive man named Roman, who helped her with what

she needed, but mostly she was self-sufficient.She could put her own

prosthetic arms on, get dressed herself, get into her wheelchair, just

about everything. She couldnít drive, however, and Roman helped

with the shopping and other small tasks.She still had exercise and

physical therapy three daysa week, and Roman helped her exercise

her upper body at home every day.She was still pretty, her hair was

now shorter, because it was difficult to take good care of long hair in

her condition.One day, when Roman was helping her exercise, he

made a comment about how good she looked.She thanked him,

saying that for a crippled quadruple amputee she supposed she did

look good, and he kissed her on the mouth!He didnít think she was

an attractive cripple, after all. He thought she was an attractive

woman!He removed her prosthetic arms and she didnít protest.She

was laying on the exercise mat, and he slowly removed her bra and

her pants, she watched rather than felt him slip her panties off and

massage her stumps.He undressed himself, something Tammy

regretted not being able to do herself, and Tammy stroked his thigh

with her longer arm stump.Roman knew regular sex would do

nothing for her, so he began by massaging her breasts and kissing her

arm stumps.She was giddy and in heat when he placed his cock

between her breasts.She squeezed her breasts tight around it with her

stumps, playing with his balls with the end of her left stump.He came

and she felt the hot fluid run down her neck and breasts.She was

excited but didnít know how to perform sexually anymore, she

couldnít imagine how she, too, could cum in her crippled condition.

Roman began rubbing her breasts harder, she felt them slippery with

his cum, and he began massaging her nipples, rubbing and kneading

her breasts, kissing her deeply on the lips.He kept massaging at the

places she could still feel, licking under her breasts, massaging and

rubbing her chest where the line of feeling started.After a little while,

Tammy began to feel tingly and hot, and as the kneading and

massaging became more forceful, more persistent, she began to

wriggle on the floor.She came in a way she had never experienced

before, her upper body convulsing an pleasure that felt like it was in

her chest, in her breasts.Roman lifted her and held her and whispered

things in her ear, kissing her short right arm stump.†† Tammy cried

and buried her face in Romanís chest.

†††† Tammy and Roman were married a year later, just after Tammyís

twenty-first birthday.Roman was the perfect husband for Tammy, and

he cared for her and took care of her always.She was very self-

sufficient now, too, and couldeven drive a specially modified van, but

she liked Roman helping her to dress and wash herself.It usually

ended up in a bout of lovemaking of some form or another.Tammy

was always happy to satisfy Roman, and she had discovered many

interesting ways to do so in her condition.Oral sex was one of her

favorite things to do to him, and she also let him make love to her the

Ďregularí way, although it did nothing for her personally.He could

make her have what she considered an orgasm in many ways, as well,

and used all manner of toys to satisfy her, including a vibrator he used

on her breasts, and a breast pump, used by nursing women, because it

felt so incredible to Tammy.She still used her electric wheelchair,

and still had to be belted into it, but she could control it much better

now, especially with her myoelectric arm.Tammy and Roman lived

happily for four years, until Tammy was 25, before the next tragedy


†††† Tammy had been driving her van when she was hit by a drunk

driver.†† She awoke groggy and confused, but also totally blind.She

had hit her head and the impact had caused permanent brain damage,

taking her vision.Roman was there, she could hear him comforting

her, telling her he would keep taking care of her.Tammy reached out

with her amputated arms, groping to find Roman, who held reached

out and held her stumps to console her.Her upper body ached from

the accident, her head hurt, and she had a ringing in her ears, a

condition the doctors said would go away soon.Due to Tammyís

extensive disability and Romanís experience as an aide and therapist,

it was decided that she be brought home for rehab, what little rehab

was available in her extreme condition.Blind, paralyzed from the

chest down, and a quadruple amputee, and to think not long before

Tammy had been a healthy young teenager with dreams of being


†††† Coming home was hard for Tammy.She had been so independent,

but now she couldnít even put her own prosthetics on, and it seemed

she was even more helpless with them on, since operating them

depended heavily on sight.She depended on Roman for everything,

and God bless him he was even more attentive to her needs now than

he ever was, at least the normal ones.Tammy felt their sex life was all

but over, now that she was so helpless, and it made her very sad.

††††† Roman had replaced her electric wheelchair with a manual chair,

since she could no longer see towheel herself around he had to push

her where she needed to go.She felt him lift her into the new chair,

and although she couldnít feel it, she knew he was belting her into it,

but she was still naked, at least from her chest up.Suddenly she felt a

light caress on her breast, and a light squeeze on her nipple.She

moaned, waving her little arm stumps about.She heard Romansí

voice near her, saying he was right there, and he was naked, and so

was she.She turned slightly towards his voice, and she could smell

his cologne.Roman watched her, her blind eyes staring out past him,

her stumps just out of reach of his body.She was naked from the chest

up, her naked breasts heaving, as she felt, but from thechest down

she was wearing a special silk body stocking he had put on her, that fit

her crippled stumps perfectly and encased her paralyzed lower body

like a see-thru glove.She was so erotic and sexy to him, especially

now that she was blind and totally helpless.He felt bad about it, of

course, he never wished any harm onto her, ever, but watching her

grope blindly with her little stumps was more than he could bear.He

moved a step closer to her and she brushed his cock with her longer

stump.She immediately strained to reach it better, longing for

contact.He moved against her wheelchair and she grabbed his cock

between her stumps, licking the head of it and stroking it with those

smooth almost-arms.He just watched as she did it, enjoying herself.

†††† Tammy was groping blindly for Roman, she could hear him and

smell him but he was just out of reach.She finally felt contact with

her longer stump, and strained in the wheelchair to get closer.She felt

it again, it was Romaníscock!She grabbed it between her stumps,

rubbing it and caressing it, but also using her stumps to help it to her

mouth.She began to lick it, even though she couldnítsee it, and she

felt Roman tense up and heard him moan with pleasure.She kept it

up, but she was frustrated because she couldnít see him enjoying her

attentions.She asked him if she could do anything more for him, if

she was doing all right, and he thought about it a moment.He told her

something, deep and low, and she nodded happily in his direction.He

unstrapped her from her wheelchair and she felt him lift her up, then

place her on the bed, on her back.She lay there, helpless, stumps

waving, waiting for some contact with him again.She brushed his

cock with her long stump again and felt the bed move under her as he

got on top of her.She used her stumps to guide his hard cock between

her breasts and then squeezed the soft flesh tight around him with her

stumps.She felt him moving between them, then felt him withdraw.

He had a new idea, he told her.She heard him whisper close into her

ear how beautiful she still was, how perfect her skin was.She heard a

slight tearing sound, and he told her it was just her body stocking.She

didnít even know she had been wearing one, but the thought of it was

exciting.Roman massaged her breasts, telling her how exquisite she

was, then began to tell her what he was doing to her, things she could

neither see nor feel.The way he described massaging her soft,

crippled leg stumps, licking her thighs, she was on fire.She was

rubbing one nipple with her long stump, listening to him describe

spreading her stumps apart, slipping a finger between them.He spoke

of how he entered her, how good she felt, like a glove, like a virgin.

She felt herself move, thrusted on the bed as Roman made love to her.

She stared blindly out, listening to the noises her body made with

Roman inside her, listening to him.He rubbed and bit her breasts,

nibbles she could feel, but that didnít hurt.She waved her stumps in

the air as Roman told her again how beautiful she was, how good it

felt inside her.He massaged her leg stumps,rubbed her breasts,

kissed her and fondled every part of her that still had feeling.She

came eventually, a nice orgasm that made her tremble, and he came as

well, telling her he was coming deep within her.Tammy reached out

with her stumps to hold Roman, and he leaned over so she could hold

him as close as she could.

†††† Lovemaking was less often but still active for Roman and Tammy.

Roman got enough pleasure helping Tammy bathe and get dressed.

One day he noticed she was gaining weight, something they watched

very carefully.Tammy had a full examination, and to her delight,

seven months later had a beautiful baby girl named Celeste.The

pregnancy was very easy for Tammy, and the baby was very healthy.

Although she couldnít see the infant, Tammy held it in her stumps and

cried.Roman was, of course, a wonderful father and still an attentive

husband.They raised Celeste together, Tammy sitting the child in her

lap in her wheelchair and telling her stories from memory instead of

reading them.Roman did most of the baby duties, but Tammy taught

herself to change the childís diapers and rock her, and also breast feed,

an experience like she could have never imagined.Even now, blind,

paralyzed, quadruple amputee, wheelchair bound, she was happy in

her life.

†††† Celeste caught fever when she was five.It wasnít serious, and she

recovered just fine, but not before giving the virus to Tammy.After a

prolonged bout with fever, Tammy also recovered, but the fever had

taken itís toll, for as she once again woke up in the hospital, feeling

Romansí reassuring touches, she realized she was profoundly deaf.


††††† ††††† ††††† The End