What's this all about??

So what is this site all about? What am I about? Who the hell am I? Well....

My name is Cathy, I am now 30 years old, and I am a wheelchair fetishist. I am not physically disabled in any way, but I enjoy, even desire being in a wheelchair, for sexual and emotional reasons.

I have been interested - even fascinated - by various disabilities since I was very young. I can remember playing 'blind girl' as far back as kindergarden. I used to like to play with bandages, crutches - I was fascinated with the thought of being disabled in some way, even temporarily. I used to yearn for even a glimpse of a disability or other infirmity on TV - I cherished the 'Brady Bunch' episode when Jan sprained her ankle before Peter's magic show, just for that glimpse of her bandaged foot. I would play 'hospital' with my dolls, fashioning tiny cruthes or other apparatus. Then I hit puberty.

My first orgasm was in a wheelchair (by myself - no weird family trauma here) - an old beat up 1950's model in my grandparents basement. I suppose that locked in my particular sexual and erotic needs pretty early on. From there on, when I would play 'doctor' it had a new and very different meaning for me. By the time I hit junior high, I still held some interest in most disabilities, but wheelchairs were my obsession, and as it turned out, my strongest fetish. I tried to find images of people in wheelchairs, I'd buy health magazines, even the Sears 'Home Health' catalog, because it had pictures of wheelchairs, and sometimes a person modelling one. There was a time in High School where that's what I wanted to do - I wanted to model wheelchairs and medical equipment for catalogs. It seemed like the perfect job!

It was also around this time that I learned something else about myself, something that took a little longer to come to terms with. I had a few pictures of people in wheelchairs - male and female - that I would look at and often masturbate. I began to realize that it was the pictures of women that I enjoyed the most - I wanted to BE them, sure.. but there was more to it. I felt extremely sexually aroused at the thought of being with a paralyzed woman, or a woman in a wheelchair. Men in chairs didn't really do much for me, but women in chairs were incredibly arousing for me, and furthered my erotic imaginings.

Finally, I moved out of my parents house and got a nice little one-floor apartment, and shortly after that bought my first wheelchair, for $30 at a swap meet. I loved that chair - I cleaned it up with Armor-All (note to readers - dont' armor all a vinyl wheelchair seat if you have any intention of staying in it for any amount of time - slippery stuff...), wiped it all down, and began pretending. It was the most amazing feeling - wheeling about my apartment, doing things as a 'paraplegic'. It was like a dream come true, but I was still pretty confused. As far as I knew, I was the only person on the planet who had these feelings - I knew this was what I liked, but why? Was it healthy? I knew it wasn't normal, and due to societies opinions on the disabled, especially where sexuality came in, all my 'programming' told me that these desires were wrong, yet I couldn't really believe that. Then, one day, I got online....

I think it was Mark Jaffee (sorry if it's spelled wrong) and the 'Wizards Devotee Site' that I found first. Amputees were somewhat of an interest to me, but nothing even close to wheelchairs. I searched, and found not just pictures, but a community - an out-there, fringe fetish community that had some of the nicest people I had ever met. (OK, there were some total freaks too, but most of them were nice.) I got into the community, joined in IRC Chat rooms, made soe great friends, and then started writing. I had some good times, had some really bad times, had a stalker find me on the internet and show up at my home declaring his love for me - I've done and seen a lot, but one thing has remained the same - I am a wheelchair fetishist. It is every bit as strong in me now as it ever was. I have a really nice 'Invacare' rigid-frame lightweight wheelchair now, I live pretty much as a paraplegic at home, I go out pretending a few times a month, and yes, there are many days when I wake up and just WISH my legs would stop working, that my spine would break and that my dreams of needing a wheelchair full time would come to pass.

So there you have it - and if youre' still reading, it means you are probably 'one of us' - you have an interest in wheelchairs. I welcome you, then. And if you are truly a wheelchair user, through physical need, and you stumbled across this site - I make no apologies. This site is not meant to degrade or insult you, though I do think that, were I TRULY in a wheelchair through need, I would be a bit insulted that people who consider women in wheelchairs sexy are thought of as a 'fringe sexual fetish', thanks to a society who considers disability and sexuality taboo. And I'm not trying to 'bring about change in society' here, either - I'm a horny wheelchair fetishist, I like to look at women in wheelchairs playing with themselves, there are no noble motives here at all, so don't look to hard for them. Sure, I'd love to abolish 'Miss Wheelchair America' because a woman in a wheelchair had a fair shake at the REAL Miss America pageant, but as long as there IS a Miss Wheelchair America, I will hunt down every last photo of that magical night and oogle those women to my hearts content - because hey, I am what I am.

So, in a nutshell, that's what this site is about - people who are aroused by wheelchairs, who find people in wheelchairs, or themselves in wheelchairs, erotic and sensual. It's for people who look at a wheelchair an see more than just a chair with wheels. It will be a site where you can find wheelchair-related stories, and pictures of women in wheelchairs. You'll be able to purchase wheelchair fetish material, like videos and photosets. And you'll be able to connect with others in the wheelchair fetish community, and other devotee communitites, because you are not alone. None of us are.