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This is my all new site, on my very own Domain! On this site, I will feature information for wheelchair Devotees, Wannabes, Pretenders, and Fetishists - if you're into wheelchairs, this is the place to be!

This site features links to Photo Sets, videos, my original stories and chat transcripts, and much more information for those with a fascination with Wheelchairs. I'm just getting started right now, but now that I'm on my new site, 'A Paragirls Special Place' is going to keep growing!

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My Cast Fantasy! All new story from ParaGirl Cathy!
Wheelchair Pix Archive!
Para/Wheelchair Videos!
New Para/Wheelchair Video's Online!

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Devotees, Wannabes, Pretenders, Fetishists.
Cathy's Story Time

Cathy's Chat Time

Dinner & Movie
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All Sexy Wheelchair Girls
Photo sets and Videos

Candi's LandSUPER sexy para Candi's picture and video site!

'Care Fetish'One of my favorite new sites! Wheelchair AND Diaper fetish! VERY sexy, if you're into that sort of thing...

Amazin Asian Amp Site
Unique and Erotic amputee and casting experience


You can find casted women in wheelchairs on this site.

Wheelchair Fetish
Bringing the Wheelchair Fetish Community together.

Devotee of Women on Wheels
The best Wheelchair devotee group out there.

Legbraces Devotees
Very active group for brace devotees - Be sure you read FAQ!

Wheelchair Fiction
A group and topic very close to my own heart.

Ampersand Cafe
The most active Devotee chatroom.

Disabled Graphics - Some of the best Devotee artwork I've ever seen - anyone out there want to illustrate my stories?? :-)

Interactive catalog of 100's of cast, sprain, brace, amputee, wheelchair, crutch and other disability sites.

The greatest Links site for the devotee community.

The Dev Guide
A new Links site for the dev community, small now but growing daily.

Sakura Girls Network of Foot, Cast, Sprain, Crutch, Wheelchair, Para Sites

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